Rojal is a publishing project started in the spring of 2014 by the book binder and artist Olle Essvik, and the translator and artist Joel Nordqvist ­– for experiments, collaborations, discoveries and distribution of narratives, ideas, objects and images, that have been lost and forgotten, or deemed unfit for larger editions or conventional formats.

Based in a workshop in Gothenburg, Sweden, we produce and publish everything from artists books, to photo books, multiples, computer games, theory and fiction, in small, carefully designed and handcrafted editions.


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Decay, Sara Wallgren

Price: 200 sek









FLUX UNTIL SUNRISE, Geraldine Juárez
Book 140 * 140 mm, [52 pages][100 copies]

Price: 200 sek (square book) 250 sek (round book)

Flux until Sunrise is a book documenting a material exploration of our Liquid Crystal Epoque through the production of screenware and screen-glazes for ceramics. Screen-glazes use LCD screen waste from computers and smartphones as glass former component instead of silica and frits. The book includes an interview with Esther Leslie about Materialismo Mágico and screen-glaze recipes for ceramics. 





Book 145 * 205 mm, [212 pages][100 copies]

Price: 200 sek


I boken BOMBER, VIRUS, KURIOSAKABINETT. TEXTER OM DIGITAL EPISTEMOLOGI samlas texter som har gemensamt avsikten att belysa konceptet »digital epistemologi». Utgångspunkten här är att »det digitala» inte ska förstås enbart som något som är knutet till särskilda verktyg och objekt. »Det digitala» inom till exempel humaniora är inte bara databaser och big data, topic modelling och spekulativa visualiseringar; ej heller är objekten begränsade till dataspel, andra elektroniska verk eller till litteratur och konst som explicit relaterar till datorisering eller andra digitala aspekter.

Detta perspektiv har kommit att väcka ett antal frågor. Hur kan litterära former i tryckt text spegla eller relateras till en digital närmiljö? På vilket sätt skiljer sig de digitala verktygen och uttrycken under 1960-talet till vår tids ubika system – och vad kan det få för konstnärliga effekter? Är vår tids uppenbara fascination för konstens och textens materialitet en effekt av eller reaktion mot en tilltagande digitalisering? Vad har kuriosakabinett, emblem och pertinensprinciper att göra i analysen av samtida digitala uttrycksformer?

I samarbete med Rojal förlag – och konstnären och bokbindaren Olle Essvik – har själva boken utformats som ett hundratal handgjorda mediearkeologiska objekt, bland annat med bokpärmar som hämtats från kasserade böcker. Varje volym är unik.

Boken kan ses som en samling prövande och öppna essäer, målet är inte att spika upp några teser, utan snarare erbjuda ingångar till mer eller mindre spekulativa samtal om humanioras framtid.




WINDS, Jeff Olsson
Book 150 * 210 mm, [100] [68 pages] [120 copies]

Price: 300 sek ( book+poster)


SOIL, Simon Berg
Book 240 * 205 mm, [62 pages] [100 copies]

Price: 300 sek

Om The Goldberg variation (Bach clock), Jesper Norda
Book + usb [sound files] 300 * 210 mm, [20+4 AP] [468 pages]

Price: 1000 sek


The Goldberg variation (Bach clock) is based on Johann Sebastian Bach’s Goldberg variations. But whereas Bach’s version takes around 30 minutes to play from beginning to end, this version is stretched to 12 hours and 25 minutes. Each note in the original score is struck at even intervals, every two seconds. The rythm is evened out, the dynamics are flattened: every sense of musical direction is gone. What remains is a solemn enumeration of all the tones that make up the original piece – a kind of clockwork.







Endless Endtime, Linda Hilfling
Book 180 * 265 mm [Annual edition decided by the number of buyers] [666 pages]

Price: 1000 sek 

A collaboration with the Danish artist Linda Hilfing, on a ”complete index of all elements leading to the end of the world”.
In 1999, when the fear of the ”millenium bug” was at its peak, a reader of the christian, conservative magazine End Time, deviced a numerological code, through which the word ”computer” translated to the number 666, thus proving the machine to be a satanic tool for the destruction of our world.
By translating this alogorithm to a generative computer code that sifts through the internet for other ”satanic” elements, Hilfing creates a continuously updating index over such potentially harmful elements.
As indicated by the title, Rojal is bound by a contract with the artist to produce a new edition of this encyclopedia, containing 666 posts, once a year for eternal time.








En bok om en bild, 2015, Olle Essvik, Helga Härenstam
Book 180 * 190 mm [48 pages] [160 copies]

Price: 200 sek

A conceptual collaborative project carried out in two months (from idea to finalised book), August–September 2015, and first presented at the photography book fair Fotobok GBG 15.

The starting point for the book is a single photograph – to which around thirty different writers, poets, journalists, photographers and artists were invited to contribute their own written or visual interpretetion/comment. Those who accepted recieved an e-mail with the photo and an instruction not to spread it.


Catharina Gotby, Anna Lamberg, Erik Östensson, Johan Bergström, Klara Källström & Thobias Fäldt, Lovisa Ringborg, Simon Berg, Inka & Niclas Lindergård, Trinidad Carrillo, Ohlsson & Dit-Cilinn, Lotta Törnroth, Tuija Lindström, Lisa Grip, Frida Franker, Rikard Laving, Anna Strand, Robert Eklund, Emma Fredriksson, Lina Haskel, Andreas Gedin, Stefan Ohlsson, Daniel Boyacioglu, Kennet Klemets, Gert Z Nordström, Leif Holmstrand, Mathias Jansson, Jenny Morelli, Tina Carlsson, Lina Hagelbäck, Sara Arvidsson, Thomas Dahl, Rebecka Nordström Graf, Nora Bencivenni, Frida Sandström, Cecilia Grönberg








Art & Game Obstruction
Book. 280 * 220 mm [300 copies] [165 pages]

Price: 140 sek 

Art and Game Obstruction documents an the exhibition of the same name, held at Skövde Art Museum in 2015 as part of a teaching collaboration between Academy Valand in Gothenburg and University of Skövde. The anthology gives the people, who took part in the exhibition, the space to elaborate their views on contemporary art and computer games. The authors range from students and teachers to artist and curators, but what unite them are questions relating to playability and contemporary art. As such the collection of essays gives a unique insight into research and creative practices located at the intersection between art and games.


Participants: Lars Kristensen, Ewa Mazierska , Graeme Kirkpatrick , Lissa Holloway-Attaway, Jenny Brusk, Thomas Oldrell, Olle Essvik , Benjamin Fallon, Robert J. Homewood, Marisa Tapper, Karin Ryding, Mathilda Bjarnehed, Jasmine Idun, Dev Karnal Fridén, Ossian Borén, Jenny Sörensen, Berith Stennabb, Iman Farhanieh and Carlos González Díaz, Minnamari Helmisaari









Sven Drobnitza, Untitled
2001 Book 110*170 mm (120 copies)
Price: 150 sek 

A white book filled with pages that would be completely empty if it wasn’t for the round black ink stain on one of its shorter edges. The stain bleeds into the paper, leaving a unique mark on each page. When the book is read like a flip book the three dimensional stain turns into an animation, a growing and fading image. With the title printed on both sides of the cover the book can be read in both directions: There is no beginning and no end. The process can be repeated until the book falls apart.




Mari Lagerquist, Travelogue/In My Pocket
Book 370 * 290 mm (1 copy) [42 pages]


On the 19th of September 2012 I travelled to Alexandria, Egypt. 
In my luggage I had a camera and in my pocket a phone.

50 images collected in a book with a form that reminisce old time photography albums, 
family albums - and travelogues. With the book is a text written that tries to connect the images 
with a longer history of travel photography. The text is translated from Swedish to
Arabic by Sausan Rook & Tezt Rooke, and to English by Ulrich Hansen.
The book is donated to the Artists Book collection at the Library of Alexandria, Egypt.






Dödens Engel
Book 150 * 215 mm (30 copies) [40 pages]
Price: 200 sek

The poem Dödens Engel (”The Angel of Death”) was written in 1834, during the first Swedish cholera epidemic, but wasn’t publish until five years later, the same year as the author himself passed away. The poem has since been published in a number of different illustrated editions, the latest in 1917. This edition is a scaled down remake of a publication from 1880, illustrated by Carl Larsson.







The Chance Execution 2017, Transmediale, Berlin
Artist book 110 * 140 mm [150 copies]

Price: 150 sek

A book on marbeling, chance, algorithms and end pages. Each book unique with different contents.




Enemies of Books

book 125 * 190 mm[200 copies] [23 + 96 p ]

Price: Sold Out

I download the book from the Internet,, Enemies of books, written by William Blades, published in 1881. A book on the decay of books. The enemies of the physical book – fire, water, gas, the bookworm, dirt, bigotry etc. A digitized book with no identity. Black letters on a white background. I buy a copy of the book from 1881. A yellowed, and stained copy. The book bears traces of a former owner, one Dr. Sarolea. Newspaper cuttings on his death and his extensive book collection. I compare the two texts, the original and the digitized copy. Using my computer I create a tool for binding books. I combine and modify traditional tools that have been used for hundreds of years and print out the components on a 3D-printer. The next day I print out another copy of the digitized book, and using the 3D-printed tool I make an exact replica of the book from 1881, in its original design. I construct a manual describing the process and upload the files to the Internet.


This is a description of a project which I begun in 2014 as an artistic development project financed by the University of Gothenburg. A project exploring digitization, human traces and the unique copy, and at the same time an act of resistance against digitization and technology. The outcome of the project was a book, presented together with the tool used to produce it.





Välkomna Finska barn!
Book 700 * 100 mm [28 pages] [unlimited edition]

Price: 100 sek


Välkomna finska barn! (”Welcome Finnish Children!”) is a remake of a leaflet distributed to the Swedish foster parents of Finnish children who were evacuated to Sweden during the Second World War, containing translations of useful everyday words and phrases.





År med tretton månar, Kenneth Klemets
Book 140 * 205 mm [67 copies] [48 pages]

Price: 200 sek

Carefully revised limited edition reissue of the rare 1997 debut
collection of poems by the poet Kennet Klemets.





Alla hjärtans dag och andra scener, Helga Härenstam
Book 195 * 155 mm [80 copies] [48 pages]
Price: sold out


Alla hjärtans dag och andra scener documents a project conducted by the artist Helga Härenstam in collaboration with the Vegahusen retirement home. On six Wednesday afternoons in the spring of 2014 the artist met up with a group of residents for a study circle in photography.
The texts in the book are transcriptions from the sound recordings that were made at a few of these gatherings. The images are a mixture of the artist’s own photographs, and photograps taken or brought in by the participants.





Virtuella Utopier, Olle Essvik och Joel Nordqvist
Book 135 mm * 22 mm [500 copies ][181 pages]

Price: 150 sek

This book is the result of an associative, experimental collaboration. Starting from a collection of quotations – on art and technology in general and art and computers in particular – spanning from the late 19th century until our present time, we move freely between different times, ideas and visions of the future.






Den här datorn, Olle Essvik och Joel Nordvist (red.)
Book 170 * 240 mm, [300 pages] [750 copies]

Price: 150 sek


Den här datorn (”My Computer”) explores the role of the computer on the Swedish art scene from the first personal computers until today. Through long interviews, documents and art works we encounter more than 40 different artists, researchers and curators who have been working with computers and art in Sweden in the past 30 years.


Participating artists: Channa Bankier, Beeoff, Erik Berglin & Clement Valla, Jim Berggren, Donatella Bernardi, Göran Boardy, Thomas Broomé, Beck & Jung, Erik Bünger, Palle Dahlstedt, Leif Elggren, Carl Michael von Hausswolff och Ulf Bilting, Hans Esselius, Goldin + Senneby, Peter Hagdahl, Johannes Heldén & Håkan Jonson, Karin Hansson, Johan Fowelin och Åsa Andersson Broms, Lisa Jevbratt, Ann-Charlotte och Sture Johannesson, Veine Johansson, Geraldine Juaréz, Arijana Kajfes, Stefan Karlsson och Mats Olsson, Anna Kindvall, Tove Kjellmark, Raquel Meyers, Lars Midbøe, Björn Norberg, Ola Pehrson, Piratbyrån, Lina Persson, Jonas Lund, Anna Lundh, Lundahl & Seitl, Syntjuntan, Pär Thörn, Arne Kjell Vikhagen, Lars Vipsjö, Magnus Wallin, Björn Wangen, Magnus Wassborg, Teresa Wennberg, Kristoffer Zetterstrand











Återkomsten- Bilden, Skolan och Samhället 1968 - 2018, redaktörer Arne Kockum, Bitte Alling Ode och Ulla Lind

Price: 300 sek

Återkomsten har sin utgångspunkt från händelserna kring 1968 på Konstfack - ett uppror och revolt som kom att bli ett paradigmskifte för den svenska teckningslärarutbildningen. Boken beskriver bildämnets förändring - från revolten 1968 till idag och består av en samling texter och minnen från tiden på Konstfack skriven av forskare, teoretiker, konstnärer och bildlärare.

Medverkande i boken är: Peter Cornell - Folke Hartler - Kersti Hasselberg - Ulf Klarén - Arne Kockum - Thomas Koppfeldt - Britt-Marie Kühlhorn - Liv Merete Nielsen – Stig-Arne Nohrstedt - Gert Z Nordström – Christer Romilson - Pål Rydberg.








Mareld, 2015, Elin Liljeblad
Book 150 * 200 mm [42 pages] [70 copies]

Price: 150 sek

A group of people walking through the pitch black August night, heading for the sea, hoping to experience the elusive ”mareel”, guided by the sole light of the photographer’s camera flash.